SamHi SciCheer fans! Samantha here! The Arizona Cardinals are on their way to the NFC Championship game (woo hoo!). Not only are they leaders in the NFL, some of their cheerleaders are leaders in STEM! I pursued my engineering degree while cheering for the Cardinals, so I know what it takes (also explains my favoritism!). These ladies have exciting lives on and off the field! 

Alexa - Arizona Cardinals

Alexa – Arizona Cardinals

Catie - Arizona Cardinals

Catie – Arizona Cardinals

Alexa and Catie are two Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders who also have exciting technology careers. Catie is a graphic designer and Alexa works on aerospace products for Honeywell Aerospace! On and off the field, they are inspiring young girls to pursue STEM careers, too!
For a chance to see them at the Super Bowl, be sure to root for the Cardinals as they take on the Carolina Panthers this Sunday night! (OOPS, there’s my favoritism again!)

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