Greetings, science and engineering fans! Meet Angela, a biomedical engineering major from Drexel University. You can meet Angela and her sister Beverly at the USA Science & Engineering Festival April 26-27.
Hi, Angela! What turned you on to engineering and when?
I grew up with the opportunity to fuel my various curiosities including playing simple arithmetic games with my parents and learning science, especially, just for fun. Later on in high school, I confirmed my interest and promise in science when I achieved in biology and chemistry in standardized tests. Encouraged by my exam performances and my long-established interest in math and problem solving, I turned to Biomedical Engineering, which appealed to me as the perfect amalgamation of my top 2 interests.
What degree are your pursuing and where?
I am currently pursuing a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering (through Drexel’s BS/MS program).
Favorite and/or most challenging courses you’ve taken so far / you took to prepare for your degree? Why?
Although the most challenging course that I have ever encountered was my AP [Advanced Placement] Biology class in high school, my favorite class for my degree at Drexel University would be Linear Algebra. The best part of this course is that exams are based on the material covered in homework, which is based off lectures; the quizzes and exams in this class are challenging, but fair.
Best part of your day job or studies?
The best part of my studies is right after I finish my homework because I not only feel accomplished for trekking through the work, but I also feel more alive, awake, and activated after exposure to academic material.
What teams have you cheered for, how long you’ve cheered for them, and why did you try out?
I was at South Coast Freestyle for my senior year in high school, and I was placed onto their Senior Worlds Jazz and Pom team, the most competitive of their teams because of my special leaps and tumbling.  I am now on my first year on the Drexel University Dance team and I tried out because I believe that in addition to getting a healthy dose of academics, I could also contribute to the school Dance Team because of my experiences with top-notch competitive dance at Dance Worlds.  Additionally, in my opinion, dancing is the best way to fully appreciate music, especially trending pop music.
Which came first, your interest in engineering or cheerleading/dance?
Although science/ engineering and athletics came at roughly the same time, cheerleading/ dance came later because I trained for roughly 7 years alongside McKayla Maroney and Kyla Ross for the 2012 Olympics until a spinal stress fracture shattered my dream.  After healing, I turned to dance, which is one of the best things in my life.
Best cheerleading/Dance Team experience?
My best dance team experience was with South Coast Freestyle as I was among the main contributors to placing 3rd and 4th in Dance Worlds 2013; my role in the routine had an exhausting total of 14 total leaps and jumps, the most of the team members.   
Best science/engineering-related experience?
The best experience was with my high school Science Olympiad team 2011 where we made it to State, further than our high school has ever gone! With months of concentrated practice, studying, and preparation, our hard work paid off.  It was a great experience and relief as we all worked so hard to accomplish such a feat.

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