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I’m Ana and I’m a collegiate Science Cheerleader!
Throughout my entire life I have always been successful in my math classes, although I had no interest in becoming a math professor or mathematician so I felt that being a math major probably wouldn’t prepare me for a career that I wanted. However, after being involved with research projects associated with the RAND Corporation in Santa Monica, CA, I became very interested in analysis and discovering new inquires.
I decided to study economics and statistics at Sacramento State! The RAND corporation offers a graduate program that covers their educational costs and provides on-the-job training for their students. Eventually I would love to apply to their Ph.D. in Policy Analysis program!
The greatest difference between my college and high school cheerleading experiences is the amount of events I promote at Sacramento State. Not only do we attend each football and basketball game, but we also support volleyball, soccer, school rallies, and more! Being a part of a college cheer team is definitely a huge time commitment but it is something I love to do.
One thing that some people find surprising about me is that I’m petite but I perform heavy Olympic style lifting!
Meet me at the Bay Area Science Festival at AT&T Park in California on November 2 along with the Project MERCCURI team and Science Cheerleaders from the Raiders!
ana science cheerleader

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