Hey kids! Have you caught the latest dance fever? The Funky Monkey? The Charlie Brown? The Adhesion and Endocytosis in Neuronal Migration? It’s all the rage!  
Particularly at the American Association for the Advancement of Science. The AAAS reps a group of 65,000+prestigious scientists. Note to self: post that interview you did with AAAS CEO Alan Leshner.
Sooooooo.Believe it or not, the AAAS is hosting a Dance Contest! The contest is open to anyone who has (or is pursuing) a Ph.D. in any scientific field regardless of whether you’ve remained in academia. NOTE: Deadline is strict in the AAAS meaning of the word: Submit entries “Not later than 23:00 EST 16 November 2008.”
If, like me, you’re three letters shy of earning your Ph.D., fear not. You can VOTE for your favorite by viewing the youtube clip. The winner of the most popular category is determined by the number of views. I hear there’s even talk of a world tour for the winners! Here’s something to whet your appetite:   

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