Experience a day in the life of Science Cheerleader Sarah, a Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader with a Master’s degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling.

Hello Science Cheerleaders and future Science Cheerleaders! My name is Sarah, and I am a Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader and a Science Cheerleader. I use science every day in my job as a Child and Adolescent Therapist at a mental health clinic and in several schools. I am so excited for you to follow me through a day in my life of work and cheer!

Today, I went to the middle school where I work on Thursdays. I have a lot of clients at this school, and I see them for anywhere from 20 minutes to about an hour, depending on the client’s needs. While in session we discuss coping skills, I provide psychoeducation on mental health topics, debrief about the past week, and work towards our therapy goals together. I typically bring different types of therapeutic books (on topics such as anxiety, depression, bullying, etc.), worksheets, and activities to use in my sessions.

At 2:00 pm every other Thursday we have our Child and Adolescent Team meeting back at the clinic. Today, we have a team bonding lunch during our meeting. Typically at this meeting, one therapist presents on a challenging client and receives feedback from the other therapists and advice on how to help that client. We all put our heads together and use teamwork to help with tricky cases! After the meeting wraps up, I see a few more clients and then pack up to leave work for the day.

Next, it’s my favorite part of the day… cheerleading practice! When I am at practice I feel like I can unwind from the day I had hearing about my clients lives, and just express myself if the material we are working on. Today, we work on routines for upcoming Ravens games. I also get to see fellow Science Cheerleader Tynesha at practice!

After I leave work and practice for the day, it is extremely important for me to write in my gratitude journal. I am living my dream of cheering for the Ravens and helping people through therapy, and everyday I am thankful for that. In my journal I write bits of gratitude, thankfulness and positivity that have contributed to my day.

I hope you enjoyed following me for a day! Catch me on the sidelines, or at a Science Cheerleader appearance!

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