Yesterday, the National Academy of Engineering  presented THREE  half-million dollar prizes. One,  the Draper Prize, is considered the “Nobel Prize of Engineering” (there is no Nobel for engineering, even though Nobel himself was an engineer).  And the Draper Prize goes to:

 Robert H. Dennard

For his invention and contributions to the development of Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM), used universally in computers and other data processing and communication systems. 




Check out the related, clever website activity that illustrates how past Draper Prize-winning technologies enrich our everyday activities.  (Note: the example of Uncle Ed’s time-released chemo for his brain tumor is a bit of a downer at “Bud’s bday party,” one of the featured, illustrated activities. Although this medical innovation, created by Draper Prize winner Robert Langer, appears to be keeping Uncle Ed alive and happy!)  

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