From our pals at the Atlanta Science Festival!
In partnership with Science Cheerleader and SciStarter this month-long citizen science campaign will highlight easy ways for anyone to be a scientist by collecting data for real research projects. This year we feature three projects: taking pictures of nighttime skies to inform our understanding of light pollution, observing the timing of seasonal changes in plants to inform our understanding of climate change, and measuring backyard precipitation to inform weather reporting and research.
Through citizen science projects, anyone can be a scientist for a day. In partnership with Women in Technology and Science Cheerleaders, we celebrate women who have devoted their careers to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). See profiles and learn how to participate here!
Women in Technology professionals and Science Cheerleaders will be on-site at the following Atlanta Science Festival events to show you how to be a citizen scientist and to share their STEM careers with you:

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