If ever there was a year to stumble upon science celebrations, 2009 is the year! Not only is it the Year of Darwin (commemorating Darwin’s 200th birthday), and the Year of Astronomy (highlighted by the 400th anniversary of the first use of an astronomical telescope by Galileo Galilei), but it’s also the Year of Science, presented by the Coalition for the Public Understanding of Science, to celebrate “how we know what we know.”
There’s something for everyone almost every week during 2009. Check out the sites or ping me if you want me to include your Philly-area science activity on the Year of Science calendar. Looking for science initiatives, events and projects aimed at non scientists here in the Philadelphia region. Oh, we’re starting a series of science pub nights bringing scientists to neighborhood bars. If you’re interested in volunteering as scientists or organizer, you know where to find me!
Happy 2009…Happy Year of Science!

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