Puppies Teach Science

(Thanks, Jessie, for alerting us to this sweet vid!) A crack team of PhD-trained golden retrievers illustrate the structure of atoms – the particles that make up everything around you. From the creative folks at PetsTeachScience.

Brain Makeover #7: Atomic Architecture!

#7. The Way a Material Behaves Depends on how its Atoms are Arranged. Professor James Trefil (author of Science Matters, Why Science?, and 30 other books on science literacy) identified 18 key science concepts every adult should know to be a science literate. We’re...

My son's hair had a party.

His big sister captured this shot after rubbing a balloon on his head. The balloon removed some of the electrons from his hair leaving each with a positive electrical charge. Since charges repulse one another, each hair repulsed the other hair. More on static...

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